Class III

Law Enforcement





Transfer Services




Trade in those old weapons for new!

   A couple of old machineguns could supply your department with many brand new one's, call us for details.

   We also have a semi-annual departmental donation program, geared toward the smaller Police Departments that don't have big city budget's, we have donated to many department's nationwide, you DO NOT NEED EVEN BE ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS, no strings attached, no BS!  We have donated everything from ammo and duty gear for your reserve officers, to $1000 firearms!

   Items donated range from used sub-guns traded in from one PD, to new equipment,  Our last donation was a Brand new Wilson Combat, Scattergun tech "Border Patrol" Rem 870.  with a 15" bbl and ghost ring night sights!  Just goes to show you...we don't give you junk, We firmly believe that when your life depends on it, you need quality gear.

                                                                           Even if you think it's junk....a security officer on a limited income, really appreciated being able to buy a trade-in level IIIa vest for under 100., that barely covers the cost of cleaning and the new carrier we provided.

   all trade-in equipment is completely restored with new parts.

   We carry a wide variety of weapons from Armalite to Wilson Combat (we are a Wilson Combat Master Dealer)