We are a Wilson Combat master dealer, new weapons are always arriving, we also contract them to do custom pieces for us.  Most of their pistols come with a 1" guarantee @ 25 yds!

CUSTOM ORDERED-Wilson Combat "Professional"  this is their commander special ordered with a lightweight frame, only 5 have been made so far...we have three of them, and have more on order, in stock no waiting--$2045.00

Wilson Combat "Tactical Elite" LIGHTWEIGHT 45 acp, this is only available with the alloy frame on a special order basis, ---$3100.00

Wilson Combat "Professional" This is their new Commander model, all steel45 acp,---$1975.00

Wilson Combat "KZ Compact" 45 acp a custom polymer framed gun has a staggered mag with a 10 round capacity, and no wider than a std commander---$1395.00

These were a special run for a LE agency, 15" SBS with Ghost ring Night sights, Wilson Combat/Scattergun Technologies our price on these is too low to advertise, please contact us for pricing, these transfer to your PD tax free, or they can be transferred to the individual or individual officer as long as the 200.00 tax is paid.


The new ADP is on the way, due in mid June 2006, we have them on order and you can own this Wilson for a mere $579.00!!!